Randall Hylton Show

Who is Randall Hylton?

Randall Hylton was a Singer from Nashville, Tennessee. Known for his very own show, solo performance and involvement in Bluegrass music. Unfortunately, he had pass away at the age of 65.

Randall grew up on a farm on route 221 near Willis Elementary School. He attended Willis Elementary, Willis High School and graduated from Floyd County High School in 1964.

His ambition as a child was to he a country music singer, and he learned to play the guitar at the age of five. He began trying to write songs almost as soon as he could play, and he often performed at school functions and sang in church with his family.

Bluegrass guitarist/composer Randall Hylton specialized in a fingerpicking style and was known for being able to instantly write songs off his whim. While performing, Hylton would often work jokes and guitar tricks into his act. In addition, Hylton’s songs (wit his best-known composition such as “Room at the Top of the Stairs”) were either performed or recorded by more than 150 singers, including such country/bluegrass notables as Ralph Stanley and Vern Gosdin. Besides playing on other artists’ recordings, Hylton issued several solo albums — 1989’s Music Starts Right Here; 1996’s Pickin’ in the Parlor and True Stories, Tall Tales & Lies; and 1998’s Love Songs for Patricia. On March 19, 2001, Hylton died at the age of 55 from a brain aneurysm in Nashville, TN.

Randall Hylton was an important historical figure, made famous for his role in bluegrass music and extend it past first-generation classics music sub genre meanwhile still keeping up with the tradition.

He was even known to be “America’s foremost bluegrass songwriter” as he was described on a 1994 song album cover. His music was recorded by every important figures within the music subgenre. he also had a career as a solo musician and performer.He got his start by listening to local radios and choirs. His very early work involved writing gospel songs.

His very own published catalog had an upwards of 225 songs. Some of the most popular titles were “Room at the top of the stairs,” “Slipers with Wings” and “Hallelujah Turnpike”.

Some examples of his famous albums were: “Pickin’ in the Parlor(1994)”.

Randall Hylton and Bluegrass

Bluegrass music is considered American roots music and a sub genre of country. Originated in 1940s, it involves typical instruments such as banjos, fiddle, and mandolin.

On January 1984 and also in 1985, he was considered and awarded a bluegrass songwriter of the year by the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America.

At one point, after making a successful career in the industry. Randall decided to write his very own book on ‘How to write and sell Bluegrass songs’ based personally on his very own experience in the field. It details the process of how he get the ideas for the songs all the way to the steps which he tool to implement and turn it into reality.

On writing songs, Randall Hylton consider it to be a crafts rather than a gift in one’s ability to write well. He was one of the very few people to take a random subject of choice, people, places and situations and turn it into a well crafted song.

In 1973 Randall left Southwest Virginia and moved to Nashville with the intention of writing country songs. Country music, however, was in the process of leaving its roots and becoming more pop oriented, so in 1976 he switched to writing bluegrass. He set up his own publishing company, Greasy Creek Music (named for a creek in Floyd County), and began visiting the major bluegrass festivals and pitching his songs to the top name groups.

Randall Hylton on TV

Randall recorded a video, a Randall Hylton on TV which had 22 songs and routines that were featured. Most of them have been recorded and featured on Youtube.

Randall Hylton Most famous songs

Mountain Laurel, Country Poor and Country Proud, 32 Acres, and Pulleybone Gaden by the Bluegrass Cardinals, The Likes of You by the Country Gentlemen, and Hallelujah Turnpike, Goodtime Gettogether, and Slippers With Wings by the Lewis Family. A gospel song entitled Gonna Be Moving has been recorded by several groups including the Lewis Family, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, Vern Gosdin, the Primitive Quartet, and the Kingsmen Quartet.

Life of Randall Hylton

Randall Hylton was born in January 8th of the year 1945 in southwest Virginia. He only travelled to Nashville in 1973. Starting out, he tried to organize a bluegrass band before finally decided to start his very own career as a solo performer. After embarking on the journey on his own, made famous by his unique approach of mixing a serious material alongside parodies and impressions in the work he made.