Randall Hylton on TV

Randall recorded a video, a Randall Hylton on TV which had 22 songs and routines that were featured. Most of them have been recorded and featured on Youtube.

Randall Hylton Most famous songs

Mountain Laurel, Country Poor and Country Proud, 32 Acres, and Pulleybone Gaden by the Bluegrass Cardinals, The Likes of You by the Country Gentlemen, and Hallelujah Turnpike, Goodtime Gettogether, and Slippers With Wings by the Lewis Family. A gospel song entitled Gonna Be Moving has been recorded by several groups including the Lewis Family, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, Vern Gosdin, the Primitive Quartet, and the Kingsmen Quartet.

Life of Randall Hylton

Randall Hylton was born in January 8th of the year 1945 in southwest Virginia. He only travelled to Nashville in 1973. Starting out, he tried to organize a bluegrass band before finally decided to start his very own career as a solo performer. After embarking on the journey on his own, made famous by his unique approach of mixing a serious material alongside parodies and impressions in the work he made.